21st Century Upgrade for Your Car: iPod & Smartphone Integration

Once upon a time, there lived an in-dash 8-track player…

flashbackDo you remember how we used to listen to music in the car? The 60s gave us the wonder of in-dash 8-track players. Then, years later in 1985 we witnessed the install of the first factory in-dash CD player.

Now, after almost 30 years, it’s time for the next big shift—upgrading to a 21st century system with smartphone and/or MP3 player support. The good news? The upgrade process doesn’t have to be complicated and is probably more affordable than you think…

Option #1: Replace Your Factory Radio

replaceSwitching out the head unit (stereo) in your car is not only the most convenient way to integrate your smartphone or MP3 player, but it is often also the most affordable as well. Getting a head unit that integrates your devices into your car is an easy first step to getting the latest car “infotainment” without having to buy a new car. And what’s even cooler are the additional features that might come with your new head unit — Bluetooth for hands free calling, navigation, and video. Some even have native support for iOS or Android apps! There are a wide range of models, options, and price points available so you can get the smartphone/MP3 player integration upgrade that makes the most sense for you.



Option #2: Radio Adapters

adaptersRadio adapters allow you to keep your factory radio while adding functionality, so you can control your iOS devices through a wired connection without needing to completely replace your stereo. Of course, this means no extra bells or whistles like you’d probably get with a shiny, new head unit.The iSimple GateWay was the first interface to utilize a car’s built-in satellite radio connection to provide music from an iPod or iPhone, as well as library browsing by Artist, Album, Genre, and Playlist from the radio controls. GateWay delivers crystal-clear music from any iPod or iPhone model and houses technology allowing it to be upgraded with an iSimple HD Radio, SXV300V1 SIRIUS satellite radio receiver, or an iSimple Bluetooth module.


Option #3: FM Modulators, aka Playing thru Radio

fm-modulatorUsing an FM modulator to play your audio output through your car’s speakers is not the most seamless way to integrate your devices into your car, but it is one of the simplest.We recommend trying the iSimple WiFli which transmits a digital RDS FM radio signal to the stereo, giving you superior sound quality plus track and song information displayed on radios equipped with RDS technology. You can use the WiFli remote to play/pause your iPod or iPhone, as well as control tracks and select playlists.


These are a few of our favorite iPod Integration products, please stop by and see what else we have to offer.


TranzIt PRO iPod Integration

Product Features include wireless remote control of common music control features, noise rejection for optimum audio quality and adjustable gain control for level matching. Compatible with vehicles equipped with an amplified antenna systems.

Starting at $89.97

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