Cutting Through the Noise
…with Sound Damping Material

There’s Good Vibrations performed by Marky Mark and then there’s bad vibrations performed by the road and parts of your vehicle. When those bad vibrations are in play, instead of hearing pure music from your sweet new system, you’re actually hearing a lot of noise. How much noise you ask? Well if you’re driving at 65 mph on the highway the noise in your vehicle is as loud as having a vacuum cleaner or garbage disposal running on your passenger seat. Yeah, that’s pretty loud.

How to End the Noise

Enter sound damping materials like HushMat. At first glance, sound damping materials might look like the tin foil your burrito was wrapped in but there is no way a little tin foil could accomplish what this miracle material can do.

Where it Goes

Your installer will put sound damping material for low and high frequency noise in some or all of the following places in your vehicle: the firewall, floor, roof, doors, truck, rear quarter panels, trunk floor and trunk lid. Having your installer add sound damping material to your new car stereo system can reduce noise by more than 50%! That rattle from you big bass is gone, you can have an audible conversation with your passenger, and you’ve just gotten the most out of your system.

Bonus Points

Sound damping also reduces heat by more than 70% and increases the value of your car. Whether you’re looking for the best sound or just a more peaceful ride, sound damping is an obvious choice for all vehicles. Because you want to damp your sound and not your car, make sure you get the material installed professionally by a specialist like us who guarantees their work.

Please, do us all a favor and save yourself from future headaches and expense. Be smart and always get your gear installed by the professionals.

These are a few of our favorite Sound Dampening products, please stop by and see what else we have to offer.


Hushmat Speaker Kit

The HushMat Ultra™ Vibration Damping Speaker Kit Contains (4) 6″ x 12″ Ultra Damping Pads 2 Square Feet.

Reduce vibration and the noise that distorts the great sound coming from your speakers – both with one USA Made material – HushMat Ultra

What sounds better a Home theatre speaker or a car door speaker? Right – the home speaker! What is the difference? Itis the enclosure that the speaker sits in. The fine crafted wooden cabinet or the metal door full of holes. Clearly the home cabinet. In most cases the quality of the speaker going in the car door is better than that in the home! The difference is the enclosure.

The HushMat speaker kit creates an anti-vibration gasket between the speaker and the metal door. When the speaker cone moves the vibration of the speaker does not transfer to the metal door and create distorting vibration. Better sound from HushMat guaranteed! HushMat Ultra – designed for the automotive industry OEM’s (Ford, Chrysler, GM, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Honda) for over 25 years.



Hushmat Trunk Kit

The HushMat Ultra™ Vibration Damping Trunk Kit Contains (10) 12″ x 23″ Ultra Damping Pads 19 Square Feet.

Automotive Sound Deadening – Reduce that aftermarket exhaust drone, road noise, vibration and the noise that disrupts your ride and blocks the great sound coming from your stereo – with one USA Made material – lightweight HushMat Ultra

When driving your vehicle with the exhaust drone – does it drive you crazy? You want that great sound on the outside – but wouldn’t it be nice to have a current model quiet ride on the inside? HushMat is the solution.


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