4K TV … do you or should you care?

Seems that we’ve just gotten comfortable with High Definition TV and the consumer electronics industry has created the another latest and greatest technology.
What is 4k and should you care?
Current HDTV provides a screen resolution of 1080 pixels (height) by 1920 pixels (width).  4k (Ultra HD) is double each of those resolutions, so 2190 x 3840.   Two times great pixel count in both vertical and horizontal planes is 2×2, or 4 times the resolution of current HD TV’s.
Remember the first time that your eyes looked at a new technology HD flat panel TV?  Brighter colors, more detail and a much great sense of ‘you are there.”  That’s pretty much the same reaction that folks have when they experience a 4k TV for the 1st time.
Should I consider purchasing a 4k TV?  Depends.  Are you an early adaptor that can afford to indulge a bit?  Sony shocked the marketplace late in 2012, when they introduced their new 84″ 4k TV to the marketplace.  Priced at a very cool $25k this product received rave reviews and Sony struggled to keep up with consumer purchase demand … yep even at 25k.
Within the past month, Sony has introduced both a 55″ and 65″ 4k set priced at $4999 and $6999, respectfully.  Expense?  Yes, but given what price original flat panel sets came to market at, these sets could be considered bargain priced.
OK, I want one, but WHAT do I watch?  Glad you asked.  Anything is the correct answer.
How?  Sony realizes that 4k content will be scarce for some time to come, so each of their 4k sets contains considerable computing capabilities to “upsample” existing content to fit the native 4k resolution of your new TV.  Side-by-side with a traditional 1080p, both being fed the same content, you will immediately see an improvement in picture quality with the Sony 4k set.
Later this summer Sony will make available a consumer 4k hard-drive server that will allow you to purchase and download movies that were mastered in 4k.  Keep in mind that Sony owns Sony Pictures and has a vast library of movies.  Additionally, although 4k is new to the consumer realm, it’s old hat to the movie industry.  In fact, most of you have already experienced 4k Sony digital cinema.  Next time you’re at Valley View Grand be sure to watch the Sony 4k credit at beginning of the movie.  For a partial list of current Sony 4k theaters http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/ssr/mkt-digitalcinema/resource.latest.bbsccms-assets-mkt-digicinema-latest-webapp4ktheatregmap
At present we have a 65″ Sony 4k TV on display with a 4k server in our Ogden Road location.  We have a 55″ Sony 4k TV on display with native 1080i (normal HD) content in our Blacksburg store.