Our music libraries have certainly changed in the last few decades. We have seen many formats come and go, but there are is one format that continues to live on. That format is vinyl, and it is making more strides in innovative technology than any other format today. A lot of modern artists still see the value in selling a physical product. With the falling sales of CD’s over the years, record companies are looking to vinyl as their savior. Vinyl arguably provides the richest sound of any physical format.

Here at Audiotronics, we bring you a product that makes the vinyl experience as simple as possible. The TEAC TN-300 is a turntable that has the classic sound quality of vinyl, and combines it with the simplicity of modern technology. The TN-300 allows you to plug into ANY amplifier with RCA jacks, and has its own pre-amplifier that allows you to bypass many steps that can sometimes overcomplicate the experience of enjoying vinyl. In addition, this product has a USB output that will allow you to convert your favorite hidden gem that may only be available on this format to your Mac or PC quick and simple.
When it comes to returning to what some people call the best sounding format in the world, the TEAC TN-300 and Audiotronics are here to help. Come by any of our stores today and let us show you in person why vinyl is, and will continue to be the most innovative format in the recording industry.