Been sleeping for 10 years – check out STREAMING AUDIO & SONOS

Do you own a smart phone?  Do you stream audio or possible video on that device?  Although we grant that taking a minority position might well be your desire, the overwhelming reality is that in just ten years, market acceptance of both a “smart” phone/tablet and streaming services  is now the norm.Sonos
Given that reality, how do you listen to music in your home, dorm, office or apartment?  Given our name, AUDIOtronics, we’ll cringe and possibly pass-out from shock if you tell us that you listen to tunes through the non-quality built-in television speakers.
Headphones?  Certainly can sound great, but not exactly a social experience to shutout the world, your spouse or girl or boyfriend.
Bluetooth(tm) streaming will get you passing marks with your tech savvy friends and neighbors, but what if you wander more than about 30 feet from that speaker, or if 1/2 way into the party, while streaming BT to your speaker, your phone receives a call?  Answer, party goes to pause mode while you chat on the phone, or move more than 30′ from your BT speaker.  Want an even more in-depth comparison?  Check out this comparison
So, is there a better way … and a reason for reading any further?  Yes and yes.
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years and haven’t paid attention, there is a 1 to 2 billion dollar corporation (annual sales) that builds a variety of streaming audio devices that can all be controlled by your computer, smart phone or tablet.  That company is SONOS and they currently enjoy a pretty eye popping 80%+ world-wide market share of what we call “intelligent” streaming audio devices.  They’ve been advertising like crazy both on-line and through television ads, include National Super Bowl placements.  With over TEN YEARS in the streaming audio market (SONOS began life in 2002), they essentially CREATED the entire product category.
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So let’s backup for a second and address the consumer need that SONOS addresses.  Music from a small, inexpensive & attractive table top “radio” that is fun and easy to control?  Covered.  Have an existing HI-FI system and want to add streaming audio as another source?  Covered.  Have an existing set of speakers, gathering dust in a closet that you would like to hookup directly and listen to?   Covered.  How about a a shiny new 4k HD TV with a fantastic picture and miserable internal sound?  Yep, SONOS has you covered with this too.  Priced from $199, Sonos has an audio solution for just about everyone.
So, what do you play on a SONOS audio streaming system?  Therein lies much of the magic of this product.  Sonos is the smart speaker system that streams all your favorite music to any room, or every room. Control your music with one simple app, and fill your home with pure, immersive sound.  WHAT music?  SONOS currently support 47 different streaming music services – some free, some pay based AND allows you to directly stream stored music from both your smart phone/tablet as well as music stored on your network attached computer or network attached storage device (NAS drive).  Pretty much all the music on the planet is an APP and a few button pushes away.
SONOS is on display in each of our stores.  AUDIOTRONICS has been a dealer since 2005 (nearly 11 years), so we KNOW SONOS and can answer your questions.
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