Let’s say you’re setting up a lunch with a co-worker/friend, and you want to make it easy to call them when your iPhone alerts you to the meeting. Or maybe you want to embed conference call details into an event. A little-known fact about the Calendar app is that you can enter phone numbers into the Location field, and whenever you’re viewing the event later, you can tap a number to dial it directly (if you need a real location in the Location field, use the Notes field for the phone number instead). To add a meeting code to a conference call number, append a semicolon, the meeting code, and the pound symbol—after the iPhone dials the phone number, you can press a button to dial the code at the right moment. The entire thing would look like 518-555-0101;123456#. For a more automated, but potentially error-prone approach, replace the semicolon with one or more commas, each of which causes the iPhone to pause for 2 seconds before dialing the rest of the numbers. Finally, if you seemingly spend your life in conference calls, check out the MeetingMogul app for making dialing in even easier.
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