At Audiotronics we believe that Hosting a party should be easy! We’re talking, ambient lighting and background music with one touch, easy! So here are some qualifications that we at Audiotronics believe will help you clinch the award for being your neighborhood’s Entertainer of the Summer…
Outdoor Audio
Music has a way of bringing us all together. We listen to it while we shop, while we wait in lines, while we exercise. Think of the last movie you saw, there was music all throughout it, even scores of music with no lyrics simply used to evoke a specific emotion. Music tends to be a huge part of our life, even if you wouldn’t call yourself a music junkie, you would find a restaurant without background music eerily quiet (that’s a bad thing). So take it outside! An outdoor audio system can be so many things and Audiotronics has so many different solutions to fit your space and lifestyle. We especially love the newest trends in the industry like landscape speaker systems. These speakers are made to mimic the style of landscape lighting systems. They install close to the ground and scatter throughout your space for nice, even coverage without distracting your guests with “hot spots” of loud sound or big bulky boxes. Power these systems with internet connected amplifiers and you can control what you are listening to, where you are listening to it and how loud you are listening to it, all from your smartphone or tablet; You’re in control!
Outdoor Smart Lighting
We’ve all seen some pretty neat things done with smart lighting control in movies or in advertising, but how much of that is real or applicable? Well, most of it is real and very little of it is applicable. However, energy saving and lighting scenes have become very popular and very useful smart lighting applications. How about having your patio lights gradually go from 90% lit to 50% lit as the sun goes down so as to keep the aesthetic of the lights being on, but not be so bright that you forget it’s night time. Smart lighting knows no boundaries—from under your roof to under the stars. Activate a lighting scene that lights up the deck and emphasizes water features in the backyard. Exterior lighting can turn on-and-off in unison with the sunrise and sunset. Set perimeter lights to flash if the alarm system is triggered, drawing attention to unusual activity.
Outdoor Video
Yes, outdoor video is a part of enjoying the best of both worlds by bringing technology, normally chained to the inside, outdoors. Enjoy and share a worry-free outdoor entertainment experience with video solutions intended for the great outdoors! When we say “all-weather,” we mean it. Thanks to precise construction, SunBriteTVs provide great picture in rain, extreme temperatures, and direct sunlight. You can’t say the same for regular TVs. Plus, three distinct models ranging from full-shade to full-sun applications allow for complete customization. So from patio to poolside, there’s a SunBriteTV to match.
Put solutions from these three areas together in a way that fit your space, budget and lifestyle with the help of one of our technology designers and you’ll be sure to come home with the Entertainer Of The Summer Award!
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By Mitch Scott – May 15th, 2017