Samsung has officially announced they will now support AirPlay 2 and iTunes Movie on their Television sets beginning in the Spring of 2019. These Apple-exclusive features, previously only accessible on consumer television sets with the usage of an Apple Tv, allow consumers to access their favorite Apple features on one of the largest entertainment platforms. While Apple and Samsungs relationship has been a drawn-out courthouse drama since Apple Inc. v. Samsung Electronics Co. patent case of 2011 it appears the companies have buried the hatchet to benefit all consumers. All of the new 2019 Samsung Smart TV’s will have access to iTunes Movies & Shows and Airplay 2 with an update coming to the 2018 models in the future to add these features. Now for customers unfamiliar with these services, from Apple, let’s examine what they have to offer you.

The first feature is the exclusive iTunes Movie and Show app for Samsung televisions. This app will allow customers to access any movie already purchased or rented from their iTunes account to be viewed directly on Samsung’s new TVs. It will also give the ability to browse the iTunes Movie and show library for the latest blockbuster movie or the new hit tv show directly from your couch without the need for a computer. iTunes will also work seamlessly with Samsung’s existing smart features such as Bixby, Samsung’s personal assistant, and Universal Guide so that customers can start movies by voice and view suggests from the app on their tv guide.

Then there is Airplay 2, a feature that is compatible with multiple other products, that allows mobile Apple products and MacBooks to stream different content to other compatible products such as the Samsung tv. The first ability AirPlay provides is streaming video from your ios device or Macbook to the television. This feature can be used to show websites, presentations, spreadsheets, or videos to the whole room on Samsung TVs instead of on a small mobile screen. Then there is the music streaming ability from AirPlay. Apple customers can play music or podcasts from their ios device or MacBook through any compatible devices, such as the Samsung tv or the Apple Homepod, in perfect sync.

With Samsung products being the epitome of high-class entertainment for years these new features have found a perfect partner. Customers can now watch beautiful movies on these astounding Smart TVs without the worry of needing an external device to stream movies from their Apple account. Empowering customers to finally unleash their unique flare throughout the home no longer bond to the confine of the mobile device.

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