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Klipsch Portable GROOVE

We had an opportunity to first listen to the new Klipsch portable Bluetooth GROOVE at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January 2016.  We were impressed with the punch and sound quality of this small, modestly priced offering and knew that this was an item that we needed to offer for road warriors, beach and pool devotees and the rest…

The Return of Vinyl

Our music libraries have certainly changed in the last few decades. We have seen many formats come and go, but there are is one format that continues to live on. That format is vinyl, and it is making more strides in innovative technology than any other format today. A lot of modern artists still see the value in selling a…

Vanquish bad TV sound

Slim TV’s have tiny (TINY!) internal speakers, with resulting poor dialog clarity, nonexistent bass and unacceptable distortion levels. There are a number of ways to solve this dilemma. First ask yourself WHAT are you trying to accomplish?  For example, do you want a movie theater audio experience in your home?  Do you simply want TV sound that is louder, clearer…

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