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  1. The service we received was outstanding and the team at Audiotronics in Blacksburg was very helpful and honest. Our daughter was in the middle of finals at Virginia Tech and spilled coffee on her MacBook and it would not work. We called Auditronics and asked what options we had. They said it would take a few days to determine if the existing computer could be fixed. We asked if they could move the data to a different MacBook and they said it was possible but they would need to see the computer. They indicated if we brought the computer in around 9:00 am the next day, they would see if the hard drive was operational in order to move the data.

    We got to the store at 9 am and they were able to transfer the data and also helped get our daughter connected to the VT network. They then cleaned the existing computer and were able to get it working again in a few days. While we hope we do not have any issues in the future, if we did Audiotronics would be our first stop.

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