Outdoor Entertainment

Take the indoor entertainment outdoors

Sunny days and rising temperatures mean one thing is on your mind — outdoor leisure time.

If you’re like so many Americans and are looking to expand on your available living space by bringing the indoors to your outdoor shaded patio, deck, or cabana, you’re going to want to keep reading.

You’ve invested in furnishing these spaces with comfortable furniture and even pillows that make it feel like you’re lounging inside, but you’re probably missing one key piece — the TV. And let’s face it. You like to watch TV, whether it’s sports, news, or your favorite crime drama.

Introducing SÉURA OUTDOOR TVS Shade Series

The perfect TV for shaded areas.

Séura® Shade Series™ Outdoor TV is simply the best option for shaded areas. With its sleek design, best-in-class picture quality, best-in-class standard 50W Soundbar, and the best-in-class 2-year warranty, there is no better choice for shaded outdoor spaces.

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