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Zap Wasted Space on your Mac

Find Wasted Space with Storage Management by Audiotronics | Nov 28, 2016 Photos, videos, music and downloads can EASILY fill up your Mac’s drive … particularly if it has fast but small flash storage. A MacBook Air might have only 128 GB of drive space, and that goes quickly. Numerous utilities exist to help you find and delete unnecessary files,…

Enable “Hey, Siri” in macOS 10.12 Sierra

by Audiotronics | Oct 5, 2016 With macOS 10.12 Sierra, Siri has finally come to the Mac!!  Now you can ask Apple’s personal assistant for help with all sorts of tasks, such as finding and opening files, adjusting system preferences, setting reminders, getting directions, looking up words, sending or responding to email, looking for photos, and much, much more. To…

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