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Taking Advantage of Trick Features in iMessage Group Conversations

by Audiotronics, Inc. | Jul 26, 2016 Using iMessages® on the Mac® or in iOS® is Apple™ simple. Begin a new conversation, enter someone’s phone number or email address, and start messaging.  IfRead More...
By : Alan Guyes | Jul 26, 2016

Airplanes & airplane mode = WHY??

Airplane Mode: Flying with Technology by AUDIOTRONICS | Jul 13, 2016 Post the “Dark Ages” of flight … that’s since 2013, we’ve been able to use handheld electronic devices such as the iPhone,Read More...
By : Alan Guyes | Jul 13, 2016

iOS 9 Crash Course

Get More from iOS 9 with this Crash Course by Audiotronics inc.| Jul 3, 2016 You’re probably using iOS 9 on your iPhone and iPad by now, but to judge from whatRead More...
By : Alan Guyes | Jul 3, 2016

Apple WWDC OS Summary

  Apple Previews New Operating System – Tons of NEW Features at WWDC by Audiotronics  |  Jun 21, 2016 FOUR major operating system updates were just announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference inRead More...
By : Alan Guyes | Jun 21, 2016